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Healing Travel’s Types of Nose Guide

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Snub Nose, Greek Nose, Aquiline Nose or Button Nose?

All noses are beautiful, but why are we so hung up on our noses?

All types of noses are beautiful
All types of noses are beautiful

Find out about the history and cultural significance of the nose!

Which is your preferred type of nose and what does it mean?

Snub Nose, Greek Nose, Aquiline Nose, Nubian Nose or Button Nose; the nose is the central feature of our faces. Besides playing a major role in our overall beauty and attractiveness, some cultures believed that different nose shapes held some inherent traits about your personality. In the Middle Ages, many European countries would cut a prisoner’s nose, therefore making his misdeeds everlasting.

Today, having a small button nose is the beauty standard, but let’s take a look at all the different types of noses and how they were viewed throughout history.


Middle Eastern cultures would often prefer longer hooked noses, as they symbolized strength. Chinese and East Asian people thought short and flat noses were superior, because they were seen as delicate. In Europe, people desired an aquiline nose for its supposed power.

What are the traits associated with different types of noses?

Noses have always carried a large cultural and aesthetic significance. Nose rings, for example, often symbolized fertility, femininity and good luck. In yoga and energy healing, the nose is considered to be a vital energy centre. The nose is also often used as a symbol in literature, where it most often symbolizes honor or shame. Turning up your nose at someone or something, is a sign of your disgust or disapproval.

Given it was always very important to our religious and spiritual practices, there is no doubt that the nose plays an understated but important role in our culture, even in highly Secular, Western societies. This is primarily seen through beauty, fashion trends and aesthetics. Many symbols are given a new meaning, and the nose is no different!

What type of nose do you have?

Would you be considered strong and powerful or delicate and sweet? Let’s find out!

Adrien Brody's aquiline nose projects power and nobility
Adrien Brody's aquiline nose projects power and nobility

1.     Aquiline nose (Roman nose)

The aquiline nose, with its curve leading forward and the peak of the eagle's beak slightly bent, has held cultural value since ancient times. The Aquiline nose was often associated with nobility, leadership, and strength in Ancient Rome. Roman emperors and deities were commonly pictured with aquiline noses to show their authority and distinguished lineage. To date, the shape of the aquiline nose continues to be admired for its striking appearance. Today, recognizable celebrities with the aquiline nose would be the actors Adrien Brody and Sophia Loren, whose profiles are already iconic in film history. It just added to Brody's memorable roles, while Loren's classic beauty—with her aquiline nose—is beloved by many.

Jennifer Aniston has the classic Greek nose
Jennifer Aniston has the classic Greek nose

2.     Greek Nose

If you have a remarkably straight bridge of your nose, congratulations! You have the nose of a Greek god! In Ancient Greece, the Greek nose shape was often considered the ideal of beauty and symmetry, reflected in the art and sculptures of the period. This classical profile was seen as an embodiment of Greek ideals of physical and intellectual excellence. Today, the Greek nose remains admired for its elegant and balanced appearance. Celebrities with the Greek nose type include actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. Aniston's refined profile has contributed to her timeless appeal, while Jolie's striking features are often highlighted by her perfectly straight Greek nose.

Beyonce's nubian nose represents the beauty of her African heritage
Beyonce's nubian nose represents the beauty of her African heritage

3.     Nubian Nose

 A Nubian nose, characterized by its wide nostrils and pronounced bridge, holds deep cultural significance rooted in ancient Nubia and Egypt. In ancient times, the Nubian nose type was celebrated for its distinctiveness and was often associated with beauty, strength, and nobility. Nubian pharaohs and queens were depicted with the Nubian nose shape in statues and carvings, symbolizing their powerful and revered status. The Nubian nose represented ethnic pride and identity, showcasing the rich heritage and diversity of African civilizations. Beyonce and Rihanna are great examples of the Nubian nose, and they are redefining today’s beauty standards with their unconventional beauty.

Zoe Kravitz's snub nose balances her face beautifully
Zoe Kravitz's snub nose balances her face beautifully

4.   Snub Nose

 The snub is one of the rarest nose types, often called the celestial nose. It is characterized by upturn curvature, shorter bridge and round nostrils. This type of nose originated from East Asia, where it was hailed in high regard due to its delicate and feminine appearance. The snub nose remains attractive, even in our modern times. The celestial, snub nose is one of the go-to options for rhinoplasty. Carrie Mulligan and Zoe Kravitz have this beautiful nose shape that compliments their face harmony and overall feminine appearance.

Megan Fox chose her button nose
Megan Fox chose her button nose

5.   Button Nose

 Known for its small and round appearance, button nose is often seen as youthful and cute, and is also a popular choice for people who seek rhinoplasty. In Japan and Korea, button nose signaled youth and innocence, which always made it very desirable. In Renaissance Europe, button nose was captivating to many artists, symbolizing grace, manners and status. The button nose remains prominent as a beauty standard today, with Scarlett Johansson being held as one of the most beautiful women of our modern age. Even Megan Fox, the sex symbol of the 2000s, had a rhinoplasty to get that perfect button nose.

The great Meryl Streep has a unique nose and talent
The great Meryl Streep has a unique nose and talent

Famous Unique Noses

 Your nose shape can also become your trademark. Barbara Streisand and Meryl Streep are famous for their unconventional beauty and their unique noses. Both women opened up multiple times about the pressures about plastic surgery in Hollywood, but both chose against it. Now their noses are the most iconic ones in pop culture!

Aesthetic Intervention

Rhinoplasty is a surgical technique to reshape the nose. The first recorded use of Rhinoplasty is 2500 years ago.   See our detail article on the history of Rhinoplasty here.

Rhinoplasty is usually performed for aesthetic reasons but there are some more pressing reasons why the procedure should be performed. If you’re having trouble breathing through your nose, you might have a deviated septum, and rhinoplasty is one possible solution. See our article on the types of rhinoplasty here

We believe all types of noses are beautiful!

If you would like a free consultation about your nose, whatever type of nose you have or would like, please contact us

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