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How it works

Healing Travel is here to make your medical journey as stress free as possible. We have connections with the best hospitals and clinics that can treat almost any condition from dental implants and aesthetics to cardiac or orthopedic procedures.

Healing Travel takes care throughout the process

Our clients enjoy coverage from all relevant insurances. We offer comprehensive consultation at each stage of our services. Explore our step-by-step approach.


  • Upon reaching out to us, we provide fundamental information regarding the selected treatment and the logistics for planning your journey.

  • We coordinate an initial online medical consultation tailored to your chosen treatment at your preferred clinic or hospital.

  • If necessary, we assist in organizing preliminary examinations.

  • We schedule the treatment date, confirm the chosen package, and finalize the pricing.

  • Relevant contracts are signed. 

You have the flexibility to combine procedures and undergo them in a single trip. Inquire with us for details on this convenient option.

Better costs for you

Healing Travel does not charge you a penny for its services. We have contracts with the hospitals and clinics who pay us a referral fee for sending them patients. These contracts mean we get reduced prices for you as we are regularly sending them patients.

Better Service

There are hundreds of hospitals and clinics all providing medical services and receiving countless enquiries each day. Rather than sending emails or text messages to numerous doctors, clinics and hospitals, we provide you with the quotations and details you need so you can make an informed decision about your treatment. We save you time and money as we already have personal connections with the medical service providers.

Check out our package prices for certain treatments. We can provide a quotation for any course of treatment you may require. Contact us now

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