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Private Olimpos Hospital

Olimpos Hospital


A top-notch hospital dedicated to international healthcare, committed to connecting patients with optimal treatment options and a trustworthy healthcare staff. Their focus on quality health services, cutting-edge technology and original treatment approaches, is sealed with a team of amazing professionals. Patient-centric care is the top priority for Private Olimpos Hospital, where they deeply value the needs and expectations of patients and their families.


Pioneering the healthcare sector, this institution works better and better in the field of health and services, driven by the hospital's commitment to offer excellence and a relentless pursuit of improvement. Choosing Olimpos presents advantages like swift access to healthcare services, and beyond treatment, an opportunity for a leisurely stay and cultural exploration.

Medical Fields That They Cover

Cosmetic surgery

Reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery

Eye symbol

Eye health
and diseases

Otorhinolaryngology symbol

Ear nose throat

Surgery room symbol

General surgery

An icon with a fat man

Obesity surgery

A broken knee symbol

Orthopedics and traumatology

Gynecology symbol

Gynecology and obstetrics

Physical therapy icon

Physical therapy
and rehabilitation

Skin disease icon

Skin and
venereal diseases

A brain icon

Brain and
nerve surgery

First Aid Kit icon

Internal medicine

Lungs icon

Chest infections and tuberculosis

Cardiology icon


Neurology icon


Urology icon


Mental care icon

Mental health
and diseases

A plan with an apple icon


A doctor with a teddy bear icon



Hospital bed icon

67 beds (normal and suite rooms)

Intensive care unit icon

Intensive care (3 coronary, 10 general and 19 newborn units)

Room icon

5000m2 indoor space

A surgery room icon

3 operating rooms suitable for all types of surgical operations

Ambulance icon

2 ambulances


Pictures And Videos


Hess Post chi
“I had the pleasure of having Aliya Mendeş assist me during my hospital visit, and I cannot praise her enough. She was incredibly helpful, kind, and attentive throughout my entire stay. Her presence made a significant difference in my experience, and I truly appreciate her dedication to ensuring effective communication. Thank you Aliya for your outstanding service.”
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