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Kursumlijska spa

Kursumlijska Spa


Kuršumlijska spa is a spa town located in the municipality of Kuršumlija, in south Serbia. Known for its springs already in Roman times, it was declared a royal spa in 1922, becoming one of the most visited and most developed spas in Serbia during Interbellum. The Kuršumlija spa is specific in that it has a wide range of different thermomineral, thermal and mineral waters, whose temperatures range from 14°C to an enviable 67°C. Such a high temperature of water is very rarely found in spas, and it is another quality that sets this spa apart, because such waters are extremely useful for healing. This spa is beautifully surrounded by nature and, in addition to healing, offers an excellent opportunity for relaxation and fun excursions.

Treatments That They Offer

Kidney icon


Intestine icon

Stomach and
bladder problems

Facial icon


A dentist and their patient in a chair

Various types of neurological diseases such as neuralgia

Epilepsy icon

Several types
of rheumatism

Gynecology  icon

Gynecological problems, including sterility and post-operative conditions due to sterility

Metabolic diseases icon


An icon of a man sitting in pain

General weakening of the body
(decline of immunity)

A person with PTSD icon

Post-traumatic conditions


Swimming pool icon

8 pools with
thermal water

Hospital buildings icon

Medical center

Room icon

Wellness center

Ambulance icon

walking trails

Gym icon

Fitness center

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Pictures And Videos


Dejan Bogoeski
This recently renovated hotel is a great place for relaxation and spa. Staff is extremely polite and food is good. Definitely worth the money
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