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Dr. Shadi Abunaseer, the visionary behind the clinic, stands as a distinguished authority in the realm of hair transplantation. His professional journey commenced at the Clinical University of Serbia and evolved through extensive education and active participation in international congresses, continually refining his expertise. Dr. Abunaseer's dedication to medicine, coupled with a profound grasp of aesthetics, has positioned him as a preeminent figure in the field of hair transplantation within our region.


His remarkable contributions to the medical field were acknowledged and honored with the prestigious first Serbian Oscar, recognizing his unparalleled achievements in hair transplantation and restoration.

Doctor Shadi - doctor biography

Doctor Shadi Abunaseer is the founder of this clinic. He’s a very successful and respected doctor, who gained his knowledge through specialized education in the field of dermatovenerology and many seminars and educations on the worldwide level. He’s a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, the Dermatovenerology Association of Serbia. the European Dermatovenerologists Academy, Medical Association of Serbia and the United Nations for the Protection of Human Rights.


Dr Shadi is no doubt a leader in his field of work in the region. His perfectionist ways and attention to details make him determined to make the results as natural as they can be. He was awarded with an award, the first Serbian Oscar for his work in the field of hair transplantation.


Dr Shadi also enjoys and realizes the importance of passing his knowledge to newer generations. One of his famous sayings is that hair transplantation is art. He says that the real transplantation merges and blends the work done with the patient’s natural look.

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Katarina Ivanovic
“Dr. Shadi is absolutely amazing! He takes his time with every procedure and has the most gentle and meticulous hands. He truly perfects the art of “facial balancing” and makes sure to always leave me with a harmonious, natural looking result- which is what we all want.”
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